Glenn De Noble Coaching provides Professional Life Coaching. What is the difference between coaching, consulting and therapy? Let’s use a car driving analogy

Coaching takes you from where you are right now and moves you forward to a better place. Coaching believes that the client has the wisdom to solve the problem themselves through deep and powerful questioning from the coach. This is like looking through the windshield while driving your car.

Consulting is provided when the expert consultant tells the client the solution to the problem based upon their expertise. This is similar to stopping and asking for directions while driving your car.

Therapy or counseling involves looking backward from today to discover the root cause of a problem and is usually provided by a licensed medical professional. This is like looking into the rear view mirror while driving your car.

Each coaching cycle consists of three 50-minute sessions via video conference, phone or in person in three consecutive weeks. A week off will be taken in between sessions and another new three session cycle will begin. If there are technical issues with the video conference (Teams, Zoom, etc.), the phone will be an acceptable means of communicating. If we meet in person and inclement weather disallows our session, the video conference or phone will suffice in place of that meeting.

Each coaching session begins with a question about what you would like to accomplish with your time. Sessions can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs. All sessions are private and confidential.

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